How to impart fruit-trees

How to impart fruit-trees

Any not imparted fruit-tree will be wildly even if it is shoot from the best representative of grade of fruit or berries. From the ancestor the tree can take the form of krone and leaves, but fruits will be small and sour. Therefore fruit and berry trees surely need inoculation.

It is required to you

  • Sharp knife;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Sadovyi var.


1. The inoculation of garden trees is begun in July and finished in the first half of August. At the correct carrying out it undergoes procedures successfully in 95% of cases.

2. Process is simple: you need to cut off kidney with guard from the imparted tree whose properties you want to transfer to new and to place this kidney in the Tee section on bark. The guard is piece of bark in the middle of which there is kidney. It has to be of 2.5 - 3 cm, about 0.5 cm wide. Cut off bark integral, but thin layer – thick guards badly take root. Ideally the guard has to be thickness in the sheet of paper therefore the knife has to be really sharp.

3. On guard cut fat should not get at all therefore it is impossible even to touch it, the knife blade has to be too clean so it is better to wash up previously it with soap. Just accurately cut off bark strip, holding for kidney. Not to pull the main thing, and that the kidney can break off.

4. The kidney with guard should be implanted into the Tee section of bark. Cut through, trying not to damage wood, then unbend edges knife tip. Do not touch in order to avoid hit of skin fat, as well as in case with guard. Consider that all cuts quickly dry up therefore it is necessary to work quickly. If you are not sure of the forces, then be trained on normal branches to cut off guard and to do cuts.

5. Further implant kidney with bark piece into the prepared section. Then edges of bark need to be pressed densely that only the kidney stuck out outside and to roll up insulating tape. It is necessary to water tree after inoculation, and in case of dry and hot weather diligently to water every day. The scion grows about a month then it is possible to remove bandage and to bring watering into the normal mode. Above and below the place of inoculation it is necessary to miss the mark with the garden thief that moisture evaporated less and the scion took root better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team