How to impart persimmon

How to impart persimmon

The vast majority of people is familiar with persimmon, only thanks to orange fleshy sweet berries with slightly astringent taste. And meanwhile, persimmon is the subtropical foliferous tree relating to family of the Ebony family. The homeland of persimmon – China, however it is cultivated now in many countries of the world (more than 200 grades) including in the southern regions of Russia. Reproduction of persimmon is carried out as seeds, and by means of inoculation on breed seedlings Caucasian and Virginia. According to experts if you want to become the owner of healthy high-quality plant, then surely master technology of inoculation of persimmon.


1. It is necessary to remember that it is necessary to impart it extremely quickly as it contains many tannins. Optimum terms of inoculation by "shank in rasshchep" method - January-February or "kidney" - at the end of summer. On the eve of inoculation surely prepare necessary material – stock (plant on which the inoculation becomes), scion (the imparted shank) and stock – elastic tape, garden var and budding knife.

2. At inoculation in rasshchep split stock knife directly on the center. Insert strut into the formed slot then you can start preparation of scion. From below shank make two identical diagonal cuts on wedge then it can be inserted into slot and to remove strut. It is desirable that the stock and scion coincided by the sizes. Do not assume that the stump has broken up into parts, and at rough-casting of the place of inoculation by the garden thief do not allow its hit in slot.

3. At inoculation kidney you should make four main operations. At the beginning you do the Tee section of bark on stock, then you cut off kidneys then you implant kidneys into the Tee section of bark. The last, fourth stage – imposing of binding. If everything is made correctly, then in 2-3 weeks after inoculation you will see green escapes on the imparted persimmon shanks.

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