How to impart sweet cherry

How to impart sweet cherry

Sweet cherry early ripens and opens fruit season. However it is the southern culture therefore in open form it can die from cold. If in your climate there are frosts lower than 25 degrees, then try to impart sweet cherry to kustovidny cherry. The received dwarfish tree will be simpler to be kept in the winter.

It is required to you

  • Kopulirovochny knife
  • Secateurs
  • Polyethylene (or isolating) tape
  • Sadovyi var or plasticine
  • Package from polyethylene
  • Peg
  • Cord


1. Choose suitable stock (young growth of cherry) and scion (sweet cherry shank for inoculation). Many gardeners choose kustovidny cherry of such grades as "Late pink", "Lighthouse" or "Ural ruby". In cold areas it is recommended to take shanks of more frost-resistant sweet cherry (for example, "Red dense" or "Fatezh"). Their floral kidneys can sustain even 30-degree frost.

2. Begin sweet cherry inoculation at the end of May – the beginning of April, till time of active sokodvizheniye at plants. It is very important to choose the place correctly. The soil under little (two-year-old) young growth of cherry has to be fertile, but not too fertilized. It has to grow in the solar place (for example, from the South from country house), on the small height and under protection against cold wind.

3. Use the so-called improved kopulirovka for sweet cherry inoculation. For this purpose: • Cut sweet cherry shank with two kidneys at the length about 20 centimeters. The cut has to be diagonal. • Grind kupulirovochny (inoculative) knife so that when pressing it easily cut pile at distance about 20 centimeters from earth surface make of several standard sheets.· on cherry longitudinal cut - "uvula" about a centimeter.· in depth just the same "uvula" make at scion – at distance 1/3 parts from cut.· connect ""uvulas"" so that one has densely come for another.

4. Tie the place of the imparted sweet cherry with thin ribbon from polyethylene. It is possible to use insulating tape, but only glue top. Then grease inoculation with the garden thief or plasticine. Put on from above polyethylene bag and cut off at it small corner for airing. Tie up bag cord. Approximately in the middle of July (when gains appear) weaken binding a little.

5. Remove package when on scion the first leaves appear. Below the imparted shank it is necessary to remove all new escapes – so sweet cherry will better winter and quicker will begin to fructify.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team