How to impart trees

How to impart trees

Any summer resident has to be able to impart trees. It will help it to multiply quickly any grades of seeded and stone cultures. If vaccination is done correctly, fruits of scion will not lose in the quality. Wait for the end of May beginning of April until at plants the active sokodvizheniye has begun. Stock up with good shanks, necessary tools and start to update high-quality trees in your garden.

It is required to you

  • In advance prepared shanks
  • Secateurs for undercutting of shanks
  • Garden knife
  • Polyethylene or PVC ribbon (insulating tape, adhesive plaster)
  • Sadovyi var (plasticine, glazing compound)
  • Plastic bag and cord


1. Prepare shanks in the fall, after leaf fall. It is possible to buy them from the proved plant breeders. Carefully follow rules of preparation and storage of future scion.· take them only from healthy plants. Escapes at the age of year from top are good or the middle of krone.· shanks prepare not less than 40 cm in length. Growth kidneys on them have to be well developed. • You store escapes on the earth, having filled up with soil, or in the basement under damp sand.

2. Put stock one day before the beginning of inoculation of trees in heat. Some summer residents ret them in water. Cut shanks that on everyone there were 3-4 kidneys. Now choose way of inoculation of trees.

3. Impart trees depending on their look: • kopulirovka. On shank and branch stock make identical diagonal cuts - "uvulas" about 3 cm. Apply them that they were linked. Such way of inoculation is often applied to cherry and sweet cherry.· B rasshchep. Split garden knife stock from face – on the center, about 5 cm in depth. From below shank make couple of cuts obliquely. The received wedge has to coincide by the size with rasshchepy on branch. One its cut has to be about kidney. Insert wedge in rasshchep that bark of stock and scion has coincided. It is so possible to impart any culture.· for bark. Along branch cut bark, having made strip about 4 cm. Take bark aside and insert shank into section. The diagonal cut of scion has to lie on wood. Strongly press bark. It is so recommended to impart plum, apricot and cherry plum.

4. Make inoculation binding. The shank needs to be tied hardly to branch by means of tape 4-5 cm in width. Do it of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or use normal insulating tape, adhesive plaster. Act so: • wind shank from below up, having finished binding on close cuts of scion and stock.· the lower kidney of shank leave outside! • Cover binding and position of joint of shank with branch the garden thief or cover with plasticine, glazing compound.· from above pull polyethylene sack and tie him.

5. Look in 3 weeks whether your scion has taken root. If it has not dried up, and on the place of joint of scion and stock it is possible to see kallyus (the fabric which is formed after healing of wound), – the inoculation of tree has passed successfully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team