How to implant Benjamin's ficus

How to implant Benjamin's ficus

It is difficult to imagine the cozy house or the apartment without natural flowers and plants. They are pleasing to the eye the greens and freshness, introduce certain live note and give completeness to interior. One of the most widespread overseas plants is Benjamin's ficus. It can be got in any flower shop, and it is possible to try to grow up independently. For this purpose it is necessary to implant ficus shank. If you like to take care of flowers, at you it will turn out.


1. Wait for spring to implant ficus shanks. In this case young escapes will have enough time to get stronger till fall. There are several to partways ficus. The cherenkovaniye is suitable for Benjamin's ficus.

2. Cut off several tops about 10 cm long from adult plant. Choose branches which have already half stiffened. Cut off on slanting knife under knot at once.

3. Remove the lowermost leaflets and escapes. If on the rest of shank there are large leaves, cut off them half.

4. Wash shanks with warm water to wash away the white juice which is emitted from cut. Then let's dry, it is possible to leave so even for couple of hours.

5. Choose dark capacity, pour in it warm water, dissolve in it piece of wood charcoal or tablet of activated carbon and place shanks there. Make sure that the lower leaves are not in water.

6. Put capacity to the light place, avoiding direct sunshine.

7. Provide air humidity to 80% and temperature higher than 25º C. For this purpose it is possible to cover capacity with film, can or plastic box, having created some kind of small greenery.

8. You watch height of water in capacity and add as required. In 3-4 weeks, backs have to appear then shanks can be landed in light soil.

9. You can implant shanks in sand or peat. Wash out, dry and powder cut of shanks with wood charcoal. Plant shank in sand or peat, having deepened it approximately on one small knot. Cover pot with film to create greenhouse effect. Periodically water that sand was damp. From time to time remove package that the plant was aired. After emergence of the first escapes you can remove film more often, and then absolutely remove and pass young plant in the soil suitable for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team