How to implant grapes

How to implant grapes

Do you want quickly and without excess efforts to multiply the grapes or to get grade which greatly fructifies at neighbors? It is possible to achieve it by method of rooting of layer of grapevine. It is one of the easiest ways for summer to receive up to ten young saplings of grapes.

It is required to you

  • Last year's rod, secateurs or knife, shovel, mulch, wire pins.


1. Choose bushgrapeslast year's rod on healthy strong a. It has to be live, without signs of usykhaniye and podmerzaniye. It is desirable that the grapevine went most horizontally, it will be so simpler to lay it on the earth. Sometimes for this purpose use old long rod of which it was all the same necessary to get rid.

2. In the early spring as soon as the soil allows, dig out transheyka near bush. It should not be deep, otherwise it will be difficult to young escapes to come to surface. Dig whenever possible so that not to wound roots of old bush.

3. Take secateurs or knife and superficially harrow the prepared rod from below. Such procedure promotes the best formation of roots.

4. Lay rod on bottom of the dug-out groove the harrowed party down so that not filled up was only top. If the rod rests and strives to get out of the earth, it can be fixed in several places by wire pins.

5. Cover with earth groove. The soil has to be rather damp and water-permeable. From above water the earth also to zamulchiruyta. Periodically water the soil at drying-out of the earth in groove.

6. Separate layer from uterine bush in the fall. Cut secateurs rod on so many young bushes how many has appeared young escapes. You watch that each young plant of grapes had good lobe of roots. It is possible to plant young bushes in pots or on the constant place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team