How to implant leaf of violet

How to implant leaf of violet

Among variety of houseplants specific place is held by wonderful saintpaulias. The violet is harmonious combination of elegant multi-colored inflorescences to motley leaflets. Also it is not surprising at all that many flower growers prefer to grow up this whimsical beauty at home.


1. If you want to multiply the plant copy which was pleasant to you, then it is quite enough to pinch off from it one leaflet with scape. Be accurate and do not leave part of scape on maternal plant, otherwise it can die. Choose the young leaf disposed closer to the center of the socket.

2. So, take the leaf intended for rooting. Length of scape should not exceed 7 cm. The surplus should be cut off fine edge. Do not use scissors – they peredavit plant capillaries. If length of scape is less than 4 cm, then in this case it is necessary to cut sheet plate. Cutting should be begun along scape, gradually moving above and passing on streaks to sheet part. Leave the cut-off leaf within hour without water, on air. On the end of scape make diagonal cut.

3. Further implant leaf of saintpaulia in vessel with water. For this purpose in small clean jar pour water of room temperature. Place leaf in jar so that third of scape was in water. Approximately in two weeks, roots will appear.

4. After emergence of backs the leaf of violet needs to be put to the friable soil. For rooting it is the best of all to use opaque plastic cup. At the bottom do not forget to make drainage holes. As drainage it is possible to use moss sphagnum, haydite or small pieces of polyfoam. Over drainage we fill the earth to the very top of glass.

5. In the center make deepening and place in it leaf of violet. Slightly powder roots from above with the earth, without stamping. In order that the leaflet has not fallen, use props. It can be toothpicks, Q-tips or tubules for cocktail. In end the leaf should be watered with warm otstoyanny water and to cover with polyethylene bag. Put plant to the light warm place and water in process of drying of top soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team