How to impose blush it is correct

How to impose blush it is correct

means of blush each woman can independently make correction of lines of the person or give it a little freshness. But this part of make-up has the subtleties. To create the conceived image, it is necessary to know how to impose blush it is correct.


  1. It is necessary to begin with the choice of color which depends on face skin shade. Choose light pink blush if your skin has swarty shade. White-skinned women will suit cold shades of blush pink of color. Use warm colors: brown, apricot, honey if your skin differs in yellowness. If you doubt when choosing color of blush, then use peach or light brown shades which are suitable for any skin.
  2. Try to combine color of blush with shade of your lipstick.
  3. Not each woman can use blush. If your person has wrinkles, then they can emphasize and allocate this shortcoming. Young girls often hide natural flush under layer of tone means, and then from above apply blush. It is visible to the naked eye and looks unattractively.
  4. To impose blush it is correct, you need brush or sponge. Gather a little blush on brush and remove surplus. You apply blush from below up, using circular motions. The more carefully you will shade blush, the your make-up will be more natural to look.
  5. Try to apply blush on those places where you sometimes have own flush. Remember that availability of blush under cheekbones ages your person.
  6. Use horizontal putting blush if you wish to make the person a little well. If you have massive jaw, apply blush from its contour to cheekbones.
  7. Do not forget that sites of the face on which blush with gloss is put will look more convex. Brilliant blush most successful looks on evening actions.
  8. Blush can be applied on forehead through growth of hair. This way very successfully refreshes features.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team