How to impose with tile the furnace

How to impose with tile the furnace

Owners of own houses with oven heating know what inconvenience cracks in laying can give. Not always it is possible to cope with them simple puttying therefore the problem is often solved, having imposed the furnace with tile.

It is not necessary to stack tile on the furnace along with its protaplivaniye. That facing has turned out qualitative, preparatory work has to be carried out.

The heating design can have very uneven draft surface. So is the result of negligent laying or the grown old and cracked plaster. Also use of straw in solution at laying can appear the reason of uneven surface.  

It is better to eliminate roughnesses by means of brush from metal and the palette. After processing the surface should be covered with primer. Seams will be required to be buried – so gluing mix will not lag behind in those places where old solution is applied.

To impose the furnace with tile, it is better to use special heat-tolerant material. The ceramic tile is capable to maintain quite high temperatures. It is possible to start laying only after thorough training of surface.

For gluing it is possible to use standard solution of cement (in this case add salt to it), but it is better to apply heat-tolerant structures. This type of works is similar to laying of tile on floor or on wall. The tile on the oven is stacked from below up. Between elements it is necessary to observe identical distance for what use special crosses. After the gluing mix grabs, they should be moved away.

It is more convenient to apply on surface glue toothed with spatula thanks to which it can be distributed evenly. When laying it is necessary to check more often the level of ready row – until glue has dried, the elements put not absolutely correctly can be corrected. The finish of seams is carried out not earlier than day later after laying is finished.

Use of tile for finishing of the furnace has to be carried out with observance of all rules, glue should be prepared in strict accordance with the instruction. The correct relation to all stages of works will provide attractive appearance of the heating unit and also reliability of finishing. Furnace walls after such facing gain the good heatgiving properties that will provide higher speed of warming up of the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team