How to improve quality of cable TV

How to improve quality of cable TV

Do you like to watch various movies and telecasts on cable television? But what to do if the sound quality and images leaves much to be desired? You should not become despondent, rather simply to find and remove failure cause.

It is required to you

  • - instruction to the TV;
  • - cable.


1. If you have problems with quality of the image, then it is necessary to learn the reason, first of all. Perhaps, you brought down settings of the TV (check all settings in the menu, using the instruction, try to change something). If from it the image becomes better not, check the antenna. At first in the place of accession to the TV - whether the plug is well connected. Try to take out and again to insert it into the slot.

2. If you have external antenna or satellite dish, check them, maybe, those just have suffered from strong wind, have replaced situation. Try to turn the antenna in different directions and record at the moment when the signal is the strongest. Also pay attention that on the way of signal there were no obstacles (roofs of adjoining houses, trees, etc.). If you have not satellite dish, but the normal antenna, try to establish it higher.

3. You can try the antenna amplifier, for its purchase you will need to call the brand and model of your TV and antenna in shop. At its connection set limit of strengthening according to the level of hindrances.

4. When you look for the malfunction reason, pay attention to cable. Check its integrity, perhaps, it has frayed or has torn. Pets like to gnaw through it so if you have pets, perhaps the malfunction has arisen because of them. Then you need to replace piece of cable. It is simple to make it: it is enough to cut the damaged site and by means of special adapters to insert whole.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team