How to include oven in electric stove

How to include oven in electric stove

Electric stoves become more and more popular among modern hostesses. You bet: electric stoves are less dangerous, than gas, and process of cooking accelerates – it gets warm evenly. But first many face problem of inclusion of oven.

It is required to you

  • - operating manual;
  • - oven.


1. The main destination of electrooven consists in preparation of different types of dough products, birds, meat and other foodstuff. Read the operating manual and technical data sheet on electric stove. It will allow to avoid many problems in the course of its application, will answer the arisen questions.

2. Unlike gas-fire when which using in any way not to do without matches or the special lighter (except for plates with electroignition), to include oven in electric stove, nothing of that kind will be required to you.

3. Electroovens, as a rule, consist of the external housing including casing and the basis and also the heat-insulated camera. In the camera quartz or halogen heaters of various power are installed (normally it is four 0, 3-0, 5 kW heaters). The heating camera is closed by glass door near which there is control panel.

4. On the control panel the lamp - the indicator of inclusion in network, the temperature regulator intended for installation of temperature and its maintenance is usually placed. In some models there is timer. It gives the chance to expose time necessary for preparation of any dish. On end of time, you will hear sound signal and oven to be disconnected independently.

5. Include electric stove in network. Set the temperature regulator handle to position of the necessary temperature for preparation of certain dish. On achievement of the set temperature, load baking sheet with products.

6. Upon termination of process of cooking set the temperature regulator handle to position "0", take out fork from the socket. Wipe inside face of electrooven and baking sheets as soon as they cool down. Do not try to make at all it when the plate is included in network. There is risk of defeat by electric current.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team