How to increase productivity

How to increase productivity

Fertile soils do not need additional application of fertilizers, the good harvest always grows by them and so. And here empty, sandy and loamy soils need to be fertilized to increase productivity. At good care for plants from infertile soils it is possible to receive abundant harvest of vegetables and fruit.


1. Before landing introduce fertilizer. It is possible to use manure, humus or any complex means. Complex types of fertilizers are on sale in shops, improve quality of the soil and considerably increase productivity. But be attentive if to shift fertilizer, seeds can burn down and not ascend. Use means strictly according to the instruction on reverse side of pack.

2. Examine seeds before landing. They have to be large, not hollow and without spots of a various type. Seeds with spots or damaged can ascend, but the plant will be patient and will not bring a lot of harvest.

3. You loosen the earth of times a week and water in process of drying. Weeds hamper the growth of plants and stop their development then fruits do not manage to be formed and develop in time.

4. When the plant has slightly grown up, water it with urea solution. It accelerates forming of foliage and stalk. It is necessary to use it once a week to blossoming stage.

5. After the plant has blossomed, use the Adrianych fertilizer. It promotes forming of fruits and their fastest growth.

6. For improvement of process of pollination sprinkle plants "Ovary". She gets divorced in water, it is possible to sprinkle from spray or venichok. So you will achieve bigger amount of the pollinated colors.

7. All plant species which are exposed to invasion of wreckers process them ampoule medicines. Medicine can be as against one type of wreckers, and complex. It is possible to buy them in gardening shops.

8. Timely and stable care for plants will bring you abundant harvest.

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