How to increase the electric power

How to increase the electric power

There is certain quota of power consumption which is allocated for the apartment or the house. What to do if set of the appliances with which you had equipped the dwelling lacks this quantity? It is necessary to address to special services.

1. Power of the consumed electric power is measured in kilowatts, certain quantity is usually distinguished for the project of residential building. To learn the volume of the power allocated under your apartment or the house, address to operating organization (company of power sale). You obtain this information in the form of the reference which is paid.

2. Approximate power for one apartment, as a rule, does not exceed 3 kW, and when using the electric stove – no more than 7 kW. Power limiting is made by means of the special switch which is automatically switched-off as soon as the level of power consumption reaches the maximum mark.

3. To increase peak value of power consumption, you need to collect certain set of documents: • act of differentiation of balance accessory. This document has to be signed by three parties: you, the power supplying organization and the organization of power sale. The act consists to designate levels of responsibility of the parties for establishment of guilty persons in case of accident in network or accident; • the certificate of the allocated power which can be received in the organization of power sale; • the document confirming the right of your property for the apartment/house; • the plan of rooms where all electroreceivers, including bulbs, sockets and switches have to be specified. For scheduling it is possible to hire the employee of the design agency which provides such service.

4. At the next stage the project of power supply which represents set of the technical documentation describing arrangement and the principles of operation of all electric equipment in the apartment, wiring placement, etc. is formed. The cost of drawing up such project depends on the area of the apartment/house. Upon termination of the project it has to be approved in the controlling organization of power sale.

5. On the approved electroproject electric installation work which has to be executed precisely on it begin. If any point cannot be executed in actual practice, then the project has to be reconciled, and only then it is possible to continue installation works taking into account the made changes.

6. Upon termination of installation works your dwelling will be visited by the inspector from the Energonadzor which has to be caused by the corresponding application. The inspector will draw up the statement granting to new electric unit the right for existence. After that it can be brought into operation.

7. All documents that have accumulated at you during all the time, report to the organization of power sale which will issue the new contract for use of the electric power on your name. After that you receive the new subscriber book and will be able to enjoy the equipment, at last.

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