How to increase visually kitchen

How to increase visually kitchen

In many apartments (especially old buildings) for kitchens quite small space is taken away. However at the correct approach to registration of kitchen, it can quite be made more spacious: it is enough to use some receptions which will help to change perception of the sizes visually.


1. Correctly place light accents. For this purpose you can make some sites of kitchen brighter. Or you can think over lighting, proceeding from the direction of luminous fluxes. For example, if you make ceiling with glossy surface and use the recessed lighting fittings, then height of kitchen will seem more. The similar effect can also achieve if in upper part of the room to make lighting brighter. Besides, it is possible to increase visually the room size if to establish separate luminous sources on one or several home decoration.

2. The feeling of space will give to kitchen as well correctly picked up furniture. Select such which has no too bulky elements from metal or plastic. Besides, it is worth taking care that the kitchen table had the round or oval shape. However it is also necessary to consider that not all kitchen furniture has to have the tiny sizes. So, for example, if you put high cabinet case in kitchen, it not only will give the chance to conveniently place in it set of kitchen utensils, but also will visually make ceiling higher.

3. The main reception for optical change of space is the correct selection of color gamma. Basic colors which should give you preference at registration of interior are combinations golden, gray and beige; blue, silvery, lilac and colors of sea wave; various shades green and light gray. Besides, selection of contrast between color of walls, ceiling and floor can become very advantageous decision. So, for example, if walls are light, and floor will have saturated dark color, the kitchen will look more spacious. Visually it is possible to make kitchen above by means of the contrast drawing applied on floor surface.

4. One of the most effective ways of visual expansion of space is also use of mirrors. Of course, in kitchen the normal mirror will look inappropriate, however doors of cabinets can be mirror. Besides it would be quite good that the most part of objects which are in kitchen would have glossy surface.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team