How to increase windowsill

How to increase windowsill

In the majority of modern multifamily houses windowsills narrow. On such windowsill it is difficult to place set of pots with flowers or seedling. Many expand windowsill in such a way that the most real work table turns out, on it it is possible not only to be engaged in gardening, but to work. The windowsill is always well lit, and the tired eyes can be relaxed, examining the street.

It is required to you

  • — board;
  • — 3 pins;
  • — drill;
  • — epoxy glue and liquid nails;
  • — putty;
  • — paint;
  • — tape measure;
  • — sheet MDF;
  • — pencil; — electrofret saw;
  • — nazhdachka;
  • — screws;
  • — screw driver;
  • — metal legs.


1. To increase windowsill, take board thickness and length equal to the windowsill sizes. If there is no suitable size, acquire the sheet MDF and saw it the electrofret saw so that he has freely laid down on old windowsill, and at the same time stuck out to the room on necessary width. Stick faces with edging tape, its heating by means of the construction hair dryer or the iron (if there is no such opportunity, just paste it by means of "liquid nails" glue).

2. Connect by means of pins 100 mm long board to windowsill. Drill symmetrically opening both in board, and in windowsill, hammer pins into board, then together with it into windowsill. Grease surfaces with epoxy glue, it will strengthen fastening.

3. Putty gap between board and windowsill on all to length. In several days paint windowsill. Move eaves, using sliding fastenings that curtains did not cling to expanded windowsill.

4. To make table of windowsill, determine thickness on which it is possible to increase windowsill. It is necessary for free opening of shutters of window. Decide on the table-top sizes, it can be parallel to window, or arc-shaped. It has to be convenient to sit at it.

5. Draw preparation on the sheet MDF, cut it, try on, process face edging tape.

6. Note where there will be openings for circulation of heat from the battery (if not to provide circulation, windows will mist over and become covered with frost). Drill equal openings for circulation of hot air from batteries on table width. Smooth out them nazhdachka to exclude agnails.

7. Buy or make of bar or pipe of leg, length has to coincide with windowsill height. If there is opportunity, get adjustable legs that easily it was possible to adjust them on height. Use, depending on the table-top sizes, two or one, located on the center, leg. Fasten legs to table-top.

8. Fix by liquid nails table-top on windowsill. In order that the table could be put, attach table-top to windowsill by means of two or three hinges.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team