How to insert bulb

How to insert bulb

To insert into chandelier cartridge bulb – that can be simpler. However the wrong replacement of bulb can bring array of problems therefore the order of installation has to be precisely observed, as well as safety measures during the work with electric devices.

It is required to you

  • - bulb;
  • - flat-nose pliers;
  • - the rubberized gloves.


1. Before replacement of the bulb which has failed disconnect electric guard on stair landing, put on the rubberized gloves intended for safe work with electric devices.

2. If chandelier in which the bulb of the closed type has fused and it is equipped with plafond weaken the top clip, turn off bulbs, remove plafond. Quite often at once it is not possible to unscrew bulb if it stood long enough in the boss, then could become attached from heating to him.

3. In this case be ready that the socle will remain in the boss and you should unscrew accurately it by means of flat-nose pliers. If in the boss there was glass flask that most often happens in normal glow lamps, try to unscrew the burned-down bulb, having enveloped flask fabric to exclude cuts and grazes.

4. Act accurately, do not forget that having overwound wiring in chandelier, at inclusion of electricity there can be short circuit that will cause full de-energization of the apartment and the output of the difficult household appliances which are switched on in network of system. It does not happen if at you the reliable system of safety automatic machines is installed on electric guard. They will instantly work and will deenergize the apartment.

5. Insert new bulb into cartridge after completion of works on removal of old bulb. When screwing by one hand fix cartridge, insert another and twist in it bulb.

6. Include electric guard, the switch. At the first inclusion of the established bulb you do not look at it, there are situations when the bulb scatters into small pieces that can cause injury of eyes.

7. If again established bulb does not work, and upon purchase to you it was checked, and everything was in full order, it can mean that you are stryasl bulb in transit or there are malfunctions in wiring. Find the reason and fix problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team