How to install bowl Genoa

How to install bowl Genoa

Bowl Genoa – floor Turkish toilet bowl when which using it is necessary to sit down on hunkers. Generally such toilet bowls have found broad application in public places, soldier's barracks and railway cars. There are models on which are available special sitting and support for legs, allowing to sit down directly on toilet bowl. It is possible to install bowl Genoa in several ways.


1. Decide what way of installation is suitable for you best of all. It can be installation of toilet bowl directly on tile or with taffeta use. Usually these ways are suitable for the bowls having seat. If you want to use the second method, then check condition of old taffeta. To replace it does not represent any complexity.

2. Take the necessary size board from moisture resistant tree and on its rear side fill several nails. They have to stick out of board at least on couple of centimeters. Flood the place assumed under toilet bowl with concrete and drown in it board. As soon as the design hardens, through fixing openings fasten toilet bowl to the turned-out taffeta.

3. Technology of installation on tile differs a little. Carry out marking and "fitting" of toilet bowl. For this purpose establish it on the intended place, connect release to bell of sewage pipe by means of reducing socket or rubber ring. Be attentive: the release of toilet bowl has to be over pipe opening level, but not above it.

4. Note those places where openings for fastening will be located on tile. Remove toilet bowl aside that it was not stirred, and drill noted openings into which then hammer dowels.

5. Establish toilet bowl into place and attach it to discharge pipe. Close up all connections silicone sealant. Attach tank of toilet bowl by means of cup. Install flushing fittings according to the enclosed instruction from the producer.

6. Use the following method of installation if you want to put the normal Turkish toilet bowl intended for use on cards. Establish siphons, sewer armature and pipes according to future arrangement of your bowls. On each side there are bowls, under its ledges, lay out pedestal with support so that its opening has coincided with siphon opening, and she would lay down on support. Fill all cavities and slots with the stamped sand, and on top fill in with cement slurry. After the design hardens bathroom it is possible to impose with ceramic tile.

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