How to install chain on the chainsaw

How to install chain on the chainsaw

The chainsaw belongs to discharge of the most injury-causing tools. In order that its operation has not led to unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to support all knots and mechanisms of this unit in good repair. Installation of new chain or edged old process simple, but demands some experience.

It is required to you

  • - the combined key;
  • - direct screw-driver;
  • - thick mittens;


1. One of the most important conditions which has to be observed for trouble-free operation of the chainsaw is the correctly tense and sharply ground chain. Effective and safe use of all tool entirely depends on constant control of condition of its chain device.

2. The saw tire in this design keeps by means of coupling cover which the chain brake is built in. For installation on the device of the new or earlier used chain it is necessary to turn off first of all the nuts located on cover of chain asterisk. It is necessary to remember that this cover cannot be dismantled without preliminary weakening of the chain brake. It is done by pull-off of emphasis of brake in the direction of the chainsaw handle.

3. Openings for tension of chain allow to install the tire in any situation. The saw tire needs to be displaced closer to driving sprocket. At installation of chain on the tire it is necessary to be very attentive. The cutting chain teeths on upper part of the tire have to be located towards driven sprocket. At first the chain is established on driving sprocket, and then shafts of chain are inserted into groove of the saw tire. Only then the chain is put on teeths of driven sprocket. It is necessary to watch that shafts of chain have entered groove of the tire and from below. It is very important for further operation.

4. The device for chain tension supplied with adjustment screw is installed in coupling cover. The element of tension device has to enter opening on the saw tire so that it has reached extreme back position. Having established cover of chain asterisk, it is necessary only profit nuts, without twisting them it is final. By means of the combined key regulate chain tension. Then the saw tire rises up and only after that nuts tighten finally.

5. If installation of chain has been made correctly, the chain easily leaves groove on 1 cm and has free wheeling of movement on the tire. The drum has to be turned easily at advance of chain on the saw tire. The tension should be checked during each filling of the chainsaw. Insufficiently tense chain can come off the tire and put considerable damages. Check of tension needs to be made manually, having put on thick mittens. It is necessary to do it quite often as new chains tend to increase in length usage time. During operating time the chain heats up and sags on bottom side of the tire.

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