How to install electric heaters

How to install electric heaters

Making the plan of apartment renovation, you should think of replacement of heating services. Sometimes it is necessary just to replace old pig-iron batteries with beautiful and modern radiators. What it is necessary to remember, having made such decision?


1. Quite often the customers living in panel houses address to the specialized companies on installation of devices of heating. Usually there the heating appliances representing the pipe equipped with steel plates were established. Power of such devices is insufficient, low also temperature. Approach of winter threatens apartments with such radiators ineffective heating. Such situation can be resolved by installation of radiators of new generation with high coefficient of heat emission. They will help to create the good thermal mode with the apartment.

2. One more reason for replacement of batteries – their exterior. Quite often old heating appliances are not in harmony with interior, do not fit into design of the room.

3. At installation of new batteries it is necessary to pass through several consecutive stages. In the beginning dismantle old heating services. For this purpose it is required to cut off everything, the parts which have become unnecessary: pig-iron batteries, pipes.

4. Then on the ends of pipes it is necessary to make threading which will be required for installation of the cranes and crossing points connecting heating services elements. Crossing points are necessary in order that after installation of batteries water could circulate even at the blocked cranes of separate batteries.

5. Installation of batteries demands not only dismantling of old system, but also carrying out preparatory work. Fastening to wall of special brackets on which batteries will be hung up is required. For adjustment of indoor temperature it is recommended to establish thermoheads.

6. Mounting of batteries and radiators in the apartment – the occupation demanding certain skill, knowledge, abilities and special skills. If you intend to make installation independently, properly evaluate the forces. Possibly, you will come to the decision to ask for the help professionals. It will help you to avoid further problems and chagrin at operation of heating services.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team