How to install the electric meter

How to install the electric meter

Our life is connected with electricity very closely. And already since childhood we know what is the electric meter, but here is how to establish it not everyone knows.

It is required to you

  • To install the electric meter, it is necessary:
  • - actually electric meter;
  • - nuts and screws.


1. Before installation of the counter first of all it is necessary to check electric meter limitation period. Date of state check of the unit has to be on counter casing seal.

2. Attentively decipher print on seal: the Roman digits are quarter, and two Arab on reverse side - year of state check. And these digits the most important. According to PUZ, the maximum limitation period of state check at the time of installation should not exceed 1 year for the three-phase electric meter and 2 years for single-phase.

3. Ideal height for mounting of the electric meter - 0.8-1.7 m from floor. The best option - at the level of eyes that it was easier to take readings from the device and also to change some failed parts. The counter has to stand exactly. The maximum bias - no more than 1 °.

4. At installation of the electric meter it is impossible to ignore also electric board. There are no certain rules on its installation, but it is necessary to remember several recommendations which will simplify work with the electric meter.

5. The main rule - this design has to provide convenient access to clips of counters and transformers of current. The design of electric board has to provide possibility of installation and removal of the counter from face side. It is possible to fix counters on wooden, plastic or metal boards.

6. Now, after installation, it is necessary to address to the energy company that your counter was registered and according to the schedule took readings.

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