How to install the gas counter

How to install the gas counter

Measurement of the spent gas, as we know, can reduce monthly expenditure for payment of utilities. If there is no counter in the apartment or the house, it is necessary to pay by tariff, single for all, – for that amount of gas which is consumed according to the statistics by one person for the marked period. To make installation of the counter of gas and to precisely measure own "appetite" in the field of consumption of this resource, it is necessary to do several simple operations.

It is required to you

  • Application for receiving "specifications"
  • Project of gasification of your house or apartment
  • The counter corresponding to "specifications"
  • The passport of the counter issued by employees of gas service
  • Sealing of the metering device of gas by employees of gas service
  • Reference from gas service for ERKC in the place of your accommodation


1. Write the application in gas service, having entered in it the full name, the place of your registration and the postal address of that place where you would like to install the gas counter. Soon after that to you there will come the master. He will examine the gas equipment in your house or the apartment and will tell what counter is necessary. The "specifications" marked by the master will allow to execute the project – usually this work is also carried out by gas service.

2. Buy the gas metering device according to the received "specifications". The household counters of gas (intended for residential buildings and apartments) differ from each other first of all in "face value" – that amount of energy resource which they are capable to pass in unit of time. The device which is missing two and a half cubic meters of gas an hour will be suitable for the apartment equipped only with gas-fire.

3. Address to gas service again – there will make the account after which payment the master will arrive to the second time and will install the gas counter acquired by you. Right after installation of the device it will be necessary to issue its passport. Sometimes mark in it in the place is given by the same master, sometimes behind it it is necessary to address to one of departments of gas service specially.

4. Submit the application for sealing of your household counter of gas to the same gas service – her workers will seal again installed metering device, and will issue you the reference. Having shown this document in uniform payment processing center on place of residence, you will begin to pay for gas on new system, independently taking readings from the counter.

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