How to install the pump

How to install the pump

Certainly, it is not possible to install to the normal housewife the pump which pumps water. But even those who understand difference in the deep and superficial pump before installation have to carry out number of calculations on the required water flow, investigate its drinking qualities and clean the tank (well, the well) from sand or other pollution. Pump out water not that pump which you are going to install!


1. Often effective operation of the pump depends on tightness of the pipeline therefore all pipes before their laying need to be checked carefully.

2. We establish deep nasospredvaritelny works: establish protection gear from Sukhoi of operation of the pump and back valve. It concerns those types of pumps at which these parts are not built in the mechanism. Prepare long (over 8 m) rope.

3. Fix the pump on rope and lower it in opening, so that it has completely plunged into water. Do not give in to temptation to lower the pump on electrocable!

4. Check pressure of high-level tank (9\10 pressure of inclusion). Some producers recommend pressure of high-level tank in 7\10 pressure of inclusion.

5. Open valve and start the pump, allowing air to leave system completely.

6. We establish surface nasosnasos which pumps water from small depths, is placed indoors, but not in the well as it happens to the deep pump. Superficial pumps (more precisely than their body) do not transfer low temperatures, the frozen water splits casing. Therefore before installing the pump, choose the place for its installation in the heated room. Also consider the fact that usually superficial pumps publish a lot of noise. Therefore room sound insulation will be not superfluous not only warm, but also.

7. Preliminary works: install the receiving valve, make sure of tightness of the inhausting line, having filled with water the pump with the pipeline.

8. Pressure of high-level tank has to be 9\10 pressure of inclusion. Adjust the corresponding pressure by means of the relay.

9. Start the pump.

10. If the installed pump too often turns on – increase pressure differential, adjusting the relay of pressure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team