How to install the steam generator

How to install the steam generator

Today steam generators are very popular. You bet! These devices excellently cope with the task set for them – transformation of water into hot steam. They are irreplaceable for baths and saunas. However the durability of this equipment is defined in many correctness of its mounting.

It is required to you

  • - steam generator with the instruction;
  • - drill with drills;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - dowels;
  • - 1/2"" metal flexible hose;
  • - extension wrench;
  • - 1/2 "" copper pipe;
  • - 1/2"" plastic outflow pipe.


1. Define where the steam generator will be located. Remember that in compliance with rules of safe installation and operation of steam generators this device should be installed in the dry room with good ventilation. At the same time the minimum area which is required at installation of this steam generator is about 0.25 square meters.

2. If the steam generator wall, drill basic openings in wall, hammer dowels, and later twirl self-tapping screws. Suspend the steam generator on the acting part of self tapping screws. If the steam generator floor, just find for it the comfortable town and install the equipment there.

3. Be engaged carrying out sanitary works. The design of the body of the steam generator provides pipe arrangement for steam and draining and also the water intake to the left of the device. However if necessary you can change the provision of longitudinal external box and all pipes to arrange to the right of the steam generator. Connect pipe for water supply and ball valve of the water intake by means of metal flexible hose. To connect the steam generator to steam line use copper tube. Connect the device to sewer draining by means of plastic pipe. Connect electric part of the steam generator.

4. Before the first turning on of the steam generator fill with water supply pipe water. Then, make sure that not only water, but also tension is connected. Turn on the steam generator then the magnetic valve which is responsible for water supply in tank for water automatically will turn on. In about four minutes the production of steam will begin. When steam begins to go, press "to switch off". Again turn on the generator then steam has to come out. If during test of the steam generator everything passes as this equipment regularly is written in the operational instruction, so: it can use fearlessly.

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