How to install the system of continuous supply of ink

How to install the system of continuous supply of ink

The System of Continuous Supply of Ink (SCSI) - the device giving opportunity to print the inkjet printer without standard cartridges. It significantly saves time and funds. At the same time the system is very easily installed and dismantled in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - CISS;
  • - printer;
  • - gloves, napkins, etc.


1. If you have no printer supporting the CISS installation it is necessary to buy it. The majority of jet printers of Epson and Canon will approach.

2. Check integrity and complete set of the system bought by you, make sure that CISS have no mechanical damages. If something with it not so, in untouched look system still it is possible to exchange.

3. Prepare workplace. Disposable gloves, napkins, film will be necessary for you for protection of clothes and surrounding interior.

4. Turn on the printer, open cover and make pressing of the button of replacement of cartridges. When the printing head of the printer falls into the necessary state, it is necessary to pull out power cord of the printer and to take cartridges.

5. Turn off cover, install system cartridges on printing head and push it in extreme right position.

6. Remove protective film from fastening of loop, attach loop to printer wall so that when finding printing head in extreme right position it did not sag. It will help to avoid various mechanical damages during the press.

7. Fill in ink in CISS vessels and close covers, fasten tanks with elastic band or adhesive tape.

8. To fill CISS cartridges it is necessary to pump over them by means of the syringe. For this purpose remove them and turn the valve up, insert the syringe without needle and pump out air until ink does not begin to get to the syringe. Do this operation for every color. Do not forget to leave 10-15% of air.

9. Install the pumped-over cartridges into place and take away printing head in extreme right position. Let system stand several minutes then you can use the printer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team