How to install the water counter in the apartment

How to install the water counter in the apartment

It is very favorable to be able to do things which anyway participate in our life independently and quickly. It saves time and means. Water counter just one of such things. More and more Russians decide to buy water counters, but not everyone knows how it is correct to install it.

It is required to you

  • Extension wrench


1. Surely block water strut! This point as a rule ""takes off"" from the head, and in consequence becomes the reason of small and big floods. Find the necessary crane (as a rule, red color) about pipes under sink or batteries and turn it.

2. Read the instruction (passport) of the counter. Some types of this device have features, for example not all are suitable for hot water, it is not desirable to establish some on pipes with big pressure and so on. Make sure that the counter completely suits you and it is possible to begin.

3. Find the place in which you can reach entrance valve of the main strut, from it water comes to all your house. It needs to be blocked and sorted.

4. Put wire mesh filters that is necessary in order that the device served longer. In water which is pumped to houses pieces of welding scale which can negatively influence operation of the counter often meet.

5. After that it is possible begin installation. The main thing - do not mix the device for cold and hot water and also inlet and exhaust outlet on them.

6. There is only most difficult point - it is to legalize the installed counter, that is to get permission to pay water for its indications. The representative of water utility or ZhEK has to check personally whether correctly he is established and to seal up him, having installed the filter and captive nuts in front of the counter. It becomes that the owner of the counter could not change its indications.

7. Theoretically can make you complaint that you have chosen the counter not of that model or firm. Therefore even before purchase of the counter, contact water utility and know what equipment better to buy. It will secure you against excess inconveniences and problems.

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