How to iron bed linen

How to iron bed linen

Many young hostesses are thrown into confusion by volume bed linen. Ironing of such things gives the mass of inconvenience as sheets or blanket covers completely do not find room on ironing board. It is necessary to turn them and to iron in parts because of what the quality suffers already. It is necessary to approach the solution of this problem in a complex.

It is required to you

  • - iron;
  • - water;
  • - piece of pure fabric.


1. Observe temperature condition of ironing depending on fabric type. For products from cotton optimum temperature - 190-210os, for linen things – 210-230os. Artificial and synthetic fabrics need to be ironed at 100-120os.

2. The quality of ironing worsens if the thing is overdried. Therefore iron products from cotton and linen slightly moistened. However, if you the owner of bed linen from artificial or natural silk, when ironing leave fabric dry as from water there can be spots.

3. It is desirable to iron linen from natural fabrics from face side, and from artificial – from inner side. If on your bed linen there is embroidery, it needs to be ironed from reverse not to deprive of relief.

4. Fold volume things (sheets, blanket covers) before ironing on width double, face up. Having ironed one party, invert thing and iron on the other hand. If linen in the course of ironing all the same adjoins to floor, spread clean cover or sheet under ironing board.

5. Putting bed linen, try not to bend it in the same places. It leads to premature abrasion of fabric in places of bend and to reduction of life cycle of your things.

6. You do not hurry to remove just ironed things in cabinet, let's them cool down. Otherwise, your bed linen will again be rumpled and will get out of shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team