How to iron curtains

How to iron curtains

Beautiful curtains give to the house cozy and stylish look. However and they, unfortunately, are soiled. If you have washed the become dusty curtains or curtains, they at first should be stroked. How to make it it is correct not to spoil exterior of products?

It is required to you

  • iron, gauze, terry fabric.


1. Curtains should be ironed, without waiting until they dry. Then their form will not change. Do not iron fabric directly on seams – in this case you receive ugly print on face side. You carry out on seams by tip of the iron or enclose under difficult places paper or fabric from cotton.

2. It is not necessary to iron independently curtains from chiffon or organza. It is better to carry such things in dry-cleaner because at house washing you can receive ugly waves on fabric. If all of you decide to erase and iron similar curtains by own efforts, then use not the strongly heated iron. Fabric at the same time should not be moistened.

3. If you have curtains from velvet or nap knitwear, then surely wrap them after washing in dense terry fabric and very accurately wring out. By the way, it is necessary to erase such curtains in the water heated to thirty degrees and when washing not to rub and not to unscrew. Velvet curtains before stroking should be dried up. Qualitatively to iron similar things, enclose under them terry fabric and iron without use of steam. Direct the iron along pile, in its direction.

4. Erase the curtains and curtains made of such fabrics as polyester, viscose and other microfibres with application of soft cleaning agents, and you dry, having accurately hanged out. After that it is possible to start stroking, carrying out by the iron only on inner side and not using the otparivaniye mode. The same principle works also for elastic fabrics.

5. Do not forget to check what reaction of fabric to the chosen iron temperature. For this purpose iron small imperceptible piece of curtain. For example, viscose fabrics and products with addition of lycra are ironed by the iron heated very little, and here cotton is not so sensitive to heating. It can be ironed and the hot iron, however it is necessary to use the humidified gauze which is put by layers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team