How to issue balcony in flowers

How to issue balcony in flowers

To create on the balcony the blossoming garden, pleasant members of household and drawing attention of passersby, it is necessary not only to give vent to imagination, but also to consider number of important factors. Having armed with necessary materials, having trusted in own taste and having spotted various options of registration of balcony in flowers, it is possible to get down safely to business.


1. Create strong design which will ensure safety to neighbors of the lower apartments and pedestrians on the street. According to the conceived design choose container in which you will plant plants: it can be self-made or purchased boxes from plastic and tree, flowerpots and flowerpots. Optimum depth the distance from bottom to edge, equal 20-30 cm is considered. If in the prepared tanks openings for removal of excess moisture are not provided, drill them independently. Place emphasis on arrangement of plants at levels, different in height, on projecting phase. Then even in very small square you will be able to create effective flower bed.

2. Pave the way for planting of plants in capacity. Use the loamy and cespitose soil, the washed-out bank sand, compost. Mix the chosen ingredients, well spill the soil and fill with substrate boxes and flower vases.

3. When choosing plants which will decorate your balcony consider degree of illumination and availability of strong winds in the place of planting of flowers. On sunny side land sanvitaliya, ageratum, to tack Chinese, calceolaria, gatsaniya, chrysanthemums, osteospermum, dimorfoteka, tobacco, marigold, geraniums, to lanthanum, tsinniya. In shadow begonias, heliotrope, fuchsias, lobelia and balsams will well take root. If gusty strong wind on your balcony the frequent guest, then land in boxes ageratum, lobulyariya, klumbovy begonias, sanvitaliya, chrysanthemums, verbena or gatsaniya. In case of arrangement of windows along the busy highway decorate balcony with unpretentious plants: nasturtium, dahlias, petunias and marigold.

4. Take care of flowers used in registration of balcony, attentively and regularly. Change the soil in flower tanks of times a year in the spring, before planting of new plants. In 3-4 weeks after landing fertilize flowers mineral elements, then repeat fertilizing each 2 weeks. Water and spray plants as required, cut off faded inflorescences and the turned yellow leaves, and replace deflowered plants new. Such thorough care will be provided to your balcony by magnificent view, its green attire will be attractive and fresh for a long time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team