How to issue beautifully napkins

How to issue beautifully napkins

Each hostess dreams that its holiday table looked perfectly. Important role is played not only by food. The value is played by each trifle: table layout, time chosen for holiday, decorative registration of table and the hall. One of the most interesting objects decorating table are napkins. As it is beautiful to issue napkins?


1. First, it is possible to play with color. It is important that napkins on color gamma approached the general composition of your table. If you are afraid of experiments, then use white napkins. Such color approaches everything and creates feeling of purity and accuracy.

2. Secondly, napkins can be put various, amusing figures. For example, to make ladies' fan. For this purpose put napkin accordion, wind one end in dense bud and fix by any beautiful clip, and fluff up the second as fan.

3. It is also possible to make buds of roses. For this purpose you need to choose, suitable on color of tone, and just put four corners of napkin inside, do this procedure two times, and then invert preparation and straighten rose petals.

4. It is possible to make of napkins also beautiful wave. Take for this purpose three napkins and widely spread out their one under another, previously having put four times. Then turn in outer layer of napkin under the center of the next napkin and so do with everyone.

5. Not less gracefully also napkins with tape look. For a start twist napkin, and then just tie up it special tape or tie original bow. For the similar purposes also use special rings. If you have not enough time, then each napkin can just be put on plateaus, it will interestingly look, and will not make work much.

6. Also napkins can be called, that is with the names of guests embroidered on them. Similar approach to business will speak about the high importance for you of the people who have gathered at table. Each guest will have impression that in this house waited for it. So, the table is laid, napkins are laid, it was necessary only to wait for guests. Have a nice evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team