How to issue bed in front of the house

How to issue bed in front of the house

Not properly executed, empty earth in front of the house does not cause positive emotions. Much more interestingly and more attractively the beautiful well-groomed bed looks. However and here not everything is so unambiguous. Irregularly and thoughtlessly planted flowers do not create harmony.

The bed has to look whole, though consists of flowers of different look and shades. Especially as this motley oasis will be the first that will be seen by your guests. General impression about the house and its owners depends on it.

Types of flower beds

The space in front of the house small is normal. Therefore it is necessary to distribute skillfully flowers on bed. There are certain types of compositions. Miksborder – the flower bed of irregular shape consisting of the alternating ranks. Here decorative flowers alternate with hvoynik and bushes. Plants beg with such accounting that blossoming was continuous.

The front garden is suitable for narrow space. Such bed adjoins housing construction wall. Together with low flowers the plants curling on wall are used. If the earth in front of the house not really fertile, it is possible to break rock arias. In the center of such composition, stones are established, and around them unpretentious plant varieties land. Very beautifully rosaries in front of the house look. It is the bed consisting of roses of different grades and coloring. However consider that these flowers demand special care. Small islands of high flowers – are called soliter. Fans of rural style will suit flower bed country. The central figure of such beds is wooden tub, the boat or other subject of rural life. In it and around plant various plants.

Planning of flower bed

Before works it is quite good to make the plan of arrangement of plants on paper. To mark where what grade and color of plant will be landed. At the same time it is necessary to consider that some plants do not "get on" with each other. For example, carnations do not "take out" smell of roses. Special attention is paid to the choice of coloring of bed. It is desirable to choose background coloring from cold shades: violet, green, blue, etc. Parts and accents of flower bed are selected bright colors: yellow, orange, red. Dark, almost black, plants emphasize the main shades. White flowers will help to smooth or mark out contrasts. It is necessary to pay attention to selection of plants for blossoming time. It needs to be thought over so that the bed constantly was pleasing to the eye the bright paints.

Registration of bed in front of the house

After thorough planning all necessary is bought. Having cleaned the space for bed, do marking of borders. If the soil not fertile, remove 15 cm of surface of soil. Then make dressing of borders of bed. It can be tiny wattle fence, border from undersized plants, concrete side or another. The main thing that it has to correspond to the general composition. If before soil has been removed, it needs to be replaced with fertile soil. Density of landing is selected taking into account characteristics of the chosen plants. Having issued bed, it is necessary to watch it constantly. That the flower bed did not grow with weeds, in time was fertilized and poured down. And then it will please with the shades all summer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team