How to issue close corridor

How to issue close corridor

Design of corridor business very responsible and rather difficult, it has to be convenient and cozy. What receptions are used by professional designers for registration of close corridor?

Not in each apartment there is wide spacious corridor which fits to call the hall. Most often it is possible to see the narrow and close room which is more similar to the narrow storeroom, than to the normal hall. But also such unsuccessful room can be made, at least, nice.

So, if you the "happy" owner of close corridor, it is necessary to think of its registration that it did not become similar to pass in compartment car or dark narrow manhole properly. With finishing you will be helped:

1. Correct color. For finishing of corridor choose materials of light colors. Monophonic light wall-paper, white ceiling paint, light tile (or laminate, linoleum) will help to make corridor space visually more.

2. Fragmentation and zoning. Of course, the narrow corridor should not be motley, but if it rather long, it is necessary to separate it into fragments, otherwise it will make the apartment more similar to office. For fragmentation it is possible to use various receptions, for example, to use wall panels (or to combine wall-paper with different drawings, having them across or verticals), to issue ceiling LED tape (having allocated functional zones with its help), to zone corridor by means of different finishing materials for floor (for example, tile in zone of the hall and laminate in other space).

3. Special furniture. To make corridor cozier, original, special furniture from which there is a wish to distinguish tables consoles will help. Such table with mirror will make corridor more convenient, is visually more spacious. Also it is worth looking or ordering original shelves, padded stool to make corridor not only it is more original, but also to use them as the systems of storage.

4. Minimum of nonfunctional decor. Large number of photos or pictures on walls of narrow corridor is banal will prevent to put on so it is better to choose more functional things for decor of corridor. It is better to choose original hanger or shelves with boxes, than to place vases and pots with flowers which in corridor all the same will lack light.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team