How to issue country flower bed the hands

How to issue country flower bed the hands

The flower bed represents allotment with the ornamental plants planted on it. The way of registration of such elements of garden decor in many respects depends on style in which the garden, the size and arrangement of flower bed is designed. The extended multilevel flower bed called by miksborder will be suitable for decoration of the seasonal dachas issued in one of landscape styles.

It is required to you

  • - sand;
  • - planting stock;
  • - crushed stone;
  • - haydite.


1. Find the site on which the flower bed will be placed. For miksborder you will need strip from one and a half to four meters wide. You can break flower bed along path, fence, around reservoir or the building. Being element of landscape garden the miksborder can be twisting and if that is demanded by planning, in several places to be interrupted by paths.

2. For marking of future flower bed use sand. This tool of the garden designer will help you to designate visually borders of miksborder and to develop placement of plants in group. The flower bed lasting along wall can be made one-sided, having planted the highest plants on its far-away country. In double-sided miksborder the high flowers or bushes are placed on the center.

3. Pick up garden cultures for future flower bed. Plants, components miksborder, it is accepted to place in several tiers and to arrange so that this flower bed looked decoratively throughout all summer.

4. Basis of composition make high perennials. You can use in this quality climbers on support or ornamental shrubs like barberry, mock orange, hawthorn, hydrangea or lilac. If width of the site allocated under flower bed does not allow to plant ornamental shrubs, give preference to delphinium, klopogon or buzulnik. High daylilies will also be suitable for creation of the top tier of miksborder.

5. Before high plants or on both sides from them if miksborder double-sided, place lower tier. Tulips, marigold, asters and crocuses will be suitable for it. The combination of cultures blossoming at different times will allow you to receive the group differing in decorative effect during the whole summer.

6. On the lowermost tier of flower bed plant pochvopokrovny plants: undersized species of carnations and phloxes, sedums and kamnelomk.

7. The monophonic strip will add to miksborder completeness. You can create such element, having placed strip of small crushed stone or haydite along flower bed. As frame of flower bed the undersized lawn grass will approach. If in miksborder the plants characteristic of dry stony soils are collected, as suitable registration for it the border from stones will serve.

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