How to issue country house

How to issue country house

Using country house for designated purpose as the vacation spot after work on kitchen garden, we forget that any dwelling has to be beautiful. Find several days off and issue this small space so that there it was possible to have a rest not only body, but also soul.


1. Think up style in which you will make out the house. For inspiration look through magazines about interior and thematic blogs and the websites on the Internet. If to you nothing has attracted, it is possible to issue giving in sea style, popular in this season. It is rather simple and laconic just for such room.

2. Begin repair with processing of floor. Wooden floors will be ideal option in this case. If on them old paint has remained, remove it. Wash up boards and wait for their full drying. Then cover tree with mordant of light shade to emphasize the invoice of tree, or white paint. If you prefer to lay floor linoleum, choose monophonic covering light brown or sand-colored.

3. Then start decoration of the walls. In the living room use wall-paper. On three walls paste cloth of light blue (azure) color. On one wall which will become the center of composition use wall-paper in strip of blue shades. If you have not found suitable, buy wall-paper under painting. They fasten the same as normal, and after drying of glue they can be painted with acrylic paint.

4. In kitchen is more practical to paint walls and to impose them with tile. Wash up surface, putty roughnesses and cover wall with primer with antifungal action.

5. For this room it is better to choose paint of color of sea wave and to dilute it with white color. When the covering dries, lay out apron at plate and sink tile. To make interior is brighter, choose material multi-colored – blue, yellow, coral, green – and distribute it chaotically. On the top line lay out small one-color tile (blue, for example) that the covering looked uniformly.

6. Choose curtains for windows. Give preference to natural materials – linen and cotton. For the living room buy or sew day curtains white or light-sand-colored, night – dark blue. Instead of cord which night curtains are tied during daylight hours take thick rope. For kitchen pick up cloth light yellow, almost white, colors.

7. If you prefer to leave old furniture in country house, it needs to be entered in new style. To zashkurta also cover wooden objects with white paint – the uneven covering with scrapes will look very organically. On upholstered furniture it is possible to sew covers from motley fabric with the drawing suitable on subject and monophonic with bright appliques.

8. Add interior with parts. On wall hang clock in the form of steering wheel, the picture on sea subject in identical wooden framework, on shelves place figurines and spread out seashells and stones rolled by water. Make decorative compositions, having filled glass tanks with sand (previously it is better to calcinate it in oven), color stones for flowers and shells.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team