How to issue desk for two children

How to issue desk for two children

When two school students grow in family, before parents there is difficult task: how to separate the room for two and to design working space. First of all it concerns arrangement of desk. It is necessary to place it so that to children it was comfortable to be engaged in personal records.

Desk to one line

In the rectangular children's room the desk for two children can be put along wall. The correct wall needs to be chosen proceeding from sunlight incidence angle. For the right-handed person it has to fall at the left, and for the lefthander on the right. Regardless of illumination level in the room over table it is necessary to establish day lamp.

For convenience it is possible to add the shelf over table for books and magazines. Along this wall it will be problematic to arrange other furniture, but children will be able quietly to be engaged and not to interfere with each other, and other space of the room will be free for games. This option is considered one of popular ways of the organization of working space for two children.

Notebooks and computers it is better to arrange row. Bedside table at the same time it is better to make the general in the middle. It will differentiate work area, and children will not distract.

Desk at window

If width of the room is more than two meters, and the window block occupies half of wall, the ideal decision the window will have arrangement of desk. However in that case there is risk to leave children without free space because of large number of furniture. Therefore before making the decision, it is necessary to consider all features of the room. When choosing this option of placement it is possible to refuse standard windowsill. It will be replaced by table-top. The table needs to be taken with back wall, under window usually there is battery, and it will be pleasant to sit at heating radiator to the child hardly. At such way of realization there is one more problem. As a rule, ready desks have no continuation in the form of bedside tables, lockers and shelves. Therefore all parts and places for storage of training materials and office should be thought over independently. For these purposes it is possible to use the next walls. On them it is possible to arrange racks and cabinets. It is also possible to buy table with niche inside. This space is useful for sports bags and portfolios.

Angular decision

If the form and the area of the children's room allow, then the angular decision will be optimal variant. To choose suitable option, it is necessary to measure the sizes of both table-tops in advance, length and width have to be identical. The table can be made to order or to take office variation. Tables need to be put letter "G", and curbstone to arrange between them. To save on the budget, it is possible to take identical tables and bedside tables. As lighting the desk lamp will approach. For school supplies it is possible to establish narrow cabinets cases.

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