How to issue flower bed

How to issue flower bed

At selection of plants for flower beds it is important to know their such characteristics as color, height, blossoming terms, decorative effect of plant before blossoming, requirements to illumination and humidity, the scheme of landing.

Groups of flower plants

For creation of flower beds the following groups of plants are used: – annual plants;

– perennials; – early-flowering;

– late-flowering.

Principles of placement

On the background or in the center of bed higher plants, in the foreground and at the edges – lower land. Plants in the scheme of seating can be changed annually or to combine perennials with annual plants and early-flowering bulbous. However the principle of placement of plants on height remains always invariable: from high to low. By this principle flower cultures for flower beds are also selected.

Treat high plants: gladioluses, dahlias tuberous, iris, delphinium, goldenrod, Cannes, kosmeya, daylily, lily, hollyhock, foxglove, peonies, roses, camomile large-flowered, hazel grouse, tobacco fragrant, phloxes, chrysanthemum and others. The flower cultures of average height are the most numerous group. Asters, akvilegiya, allium, amaranth, anemones, bergenia, balsam, marigold, begonia, verbena, cornflower, dahlias seed, carnation shabo and Turkish, geranium, godetion, the dicenter, calendula, hand bell, krokosmiya, lavater, lion's pharynx, gillyflower, narcissuses, petunia, coneflower, salviya, salpiglossis, sanvitaliya, tulips, tsinerariya, tselloziya, tsinniya, eshsholtion, ekhium enter it. Such flowers as the adonis, ageratum, alissum, marigold (dwarfish grades), brakhikoma, begonia tuberous, verbena, vesennik, anemony, viol, galanthus, hyacinth, iberis, crocus, kamnelomka, kislitsa, lily of the valley, lobelia, buttercup, manzhetka, daisy, muskar, nasturtium, forget-me-not, not Moesia, portulak, primrose, violet fragrant, Drummond's phlox, glory-of-the-snow belong to undersized.

The choice on blossoming terms

On terms of blossoming of plant it is possible to separate conditionally into two big groups – early-flowering and late-flowering. Cultures which blossom after thawing of snow belong to the first group and blossom before summer. This is the adonis, allium, anemones, viol, vesennik, anemony, galanthus, hyacinth, crocus, lily of the valley, daisy, muskar, narcissus, forget-me-not, primrose, ornithogalum, hazel grouse, Scylla, tulip, glory-of-the-snow and others. The second group is more numerous, practically all annual plants and perennials enter into it. Their blossoming begins since June and comes to an end (for cold-resistant cultures) in October. Optimum time to start registration of beds – the last decade of May. If your bed is completely filled with early-flowering cultures, then landing of annual plants to replacement is carried out not earlier than the middle of June after bulbous are dug out. Perennials land on beds either in the spring, or in the fall.

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