How to issue gazebo at the dacha

How to issue gazebo at the dacha

The gazebo has every chance to become very beautiful corner of country garden or the central place of all site which will attract guests and members of household. For this purpose it is necessary to issue beautifully gazebo at the dacha.


1. There are several options of decoration of gazebo on the seasonal dacha. Of course, it is possible to address the specialist decorator who will propose set of solutions on any purse and taste at once. All is only much more pleasant to make without participation of strangers.

2. Natural options of registration of gazebo will beautifully look. Along walls it is possible to plant climbers: grapes, hop, ivy which will beautifully twist building walls. Leaves will protect inhabitants of gazebo from the scorching sunshine and will give the atmosphere of cosiness. It is better to choose perennial plants, but not gentle flowers which will quickly lose all beauty. If there is a wish more sun, then the option with placement of plants in gazebo will be ideal. Unusual vases, cachepot with flowers will turn gazebo into the place of romantic meetings.

3. If the gazebo is not lacquered yet, then in advance it can be decorated with acrylic paint of various flowers. Of course, it is previously necessary will prepare for work: to unpack cliches, to choose paint and colors, tools. The Japanese hieroglyphs, Oriental cherry branch, painting under Khokhloma and even imitation of mehendi – all this can decorate gazebo walls inside and outside. After drying this art needs to be covered with transparent ship lacquer. If the gazebo is already painted, then for registration it is possible to use various shells, coins, color fragments of glass, tile pieces. All this can be laid out in the form of mosaic on gazebo walls. Such elements of decor by means of glue are attached.

4. Textiles will be able to give to country gazebo the atmosphere of cosiness: beautiful air curtains, soft pillows on shops, carpet or mat. Of course, such option will approach when there are no rains because wet fabric will not be pleasant to anybody. Instead of standard benches in gazebo it is possible to put tiny sofas, rocking-chair. It is possible to turn gazebo into east tent.

5. If the gazebo serves as the place for meal or gathering of guests, then it is the best of all to equip it with beautiful tree table, painted in the main tone of the building. The cloth and vase with forest flowers will create house situation. Nearby it is possible to establish brazier or barbecue. In general, the decor of gazebo can be changed depending on mood and assignment. It is worth applying imagination, to stock up with all necessary materials, to call assistants and to start safely registration.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team