How to issue interior

How to issue interior

The normal location and registration of rooms pleases nobody long ago. Even despite emergence of the new materials giving great opportunities for the embodiment of the most daring ideas, the majority adheres to traditional registration. But same it is so boring! The time of courageous decisions, the embodiments of the most unusual ideas has come.


1. The prevailing flowers in sea interior have to become white, blue and sand. The basic can be made white or pastel blue. Bright, saturated and dark colors (indigo, grayish black, ultramarine) have to be present at interior separate spots, creating accents and collecting space. If completely to make wall dark blue, such situation will oppress. Paint one of walls indigo color better, or cover bed with plaid of saturated blue color.

2. As for geometry, strips and waves are welcomed. Waves it is possible to connect two types of wall-paper. Make light top and more saturated bottom, and instead of border create wavy joint of materials. Will look unusually and organically for sea interior. As for strips, they can be on curtains, cloth, pillows, it is possible on wall-paper. Only it is not necessary to abuse strip. Let from it there will be curtains at windows, pillows or one of walls.

3. Materials which can be present at interior is tree as ship symbol, textiles, ceramic mosaic. Nobody said that the ceramics suits only for bathrooms or kitchens. The panel from mosaic which is laid out on wall will add the general sea subject.

4. Do not forget also about the islands scattered by the infinite sea. Palm trees, lianas, exotic flowers, animals and birds – it is possible to use all this in interior of style of the sea. Put tubs with palm trees on floor, on soil fill marine rubble, small sinks and other seafood.

5. It is indoors better to put furniture from light natural wood, the floor has to be wooden too. For bigger comfort you can put on floor striped rug from natural material.

6. Ceiling – the sky, star or just with small cloudlets. The interesting effect can be created, having drawn panorama on wall and to smoothly transfer it to ceiling. The room in this case will just lose all borders, carrying away you in dreams about far-away countries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team