How to issue interior in style of the American or English country

How to issue interior in style of the American or English country

The homeland of style of country is North America. The first settlers built hastily nailed together wooden barracks in which there was only the most necessary, and later began to turn the dwellings into cozy lodges by means of simple women's needlework and joiner's masterpieces of the host. Today style of country so multinational that everyone can choose for himself the option of registration of the apartment or cottage – from the American ranch to the warm and massive house with fireplace in the English style.

Secrets of registration of interior in style American kantrichtoba to reproduce the atmosphere of the Wild West, it is necessary to give preference to the made old wooden furniture deliberately of gross forms – it as if is made with own hands. In finishing there have to be leather parts, elements of decor and ethnic textiles at Indian style. Basis of interior are wooden dining tables without cloths and other types of covering, and the bed surely has to be with bed curtains. The massif of tulip tree or the American nut is just for decoration used, the accessories are made of bronze or brass with patina. As the decorative elements emphasizing the atmosphere of the ranch it is possible to choose skins of animals, cowboy hats, switches or Indian plaids. Checkered plaids will perfectly fit into interior of the living room or bedroom, and the kitchen will be ideally added by copper ware.

Features of registration of interior in style of the English country

The house in style of the English country is not the modest rural building, but the full-fledged country dwelling built for ages, in rains and fogs the house has to be thorough and it is obligatory with fireplace. Preference is given in the English house to qualitative tree – it is used for finishing of floor, ceiling and walls. Cozy the interior is done by thick soft carpets, fabrics with flower pattern and ancient porcelain. For upholstery, wall-paper or curtains woolen tapestries, fabrics or leather are used. Furniture in the English country always thorough – dressers from mahogany or cherry, the Victorian chairs, book cabinet, chairs with high backs. Various accessories – wall plates, pictures supplement and finish decor. When choosing decor it is possible to give preference to the objects connected with hunting, riding or aristocratic sport.

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