How to issue interior in style of the French or Italian country

How to issue interior in style of the French or Italian country

Thinking of registration of interior in style of country, it is necessary to choose the direction suitable for itself. For romantically the adjusted natures two options – design of rooms in style of the French or Italian country will be ideal.

How to issue interior in style Provence (French country) it is possible to call the French direction of country one of the most demanded. Boundless lavender meadows of Provence find reflection in color gamma of interior, and bouquets of lavender are the integral element in design of rooms. Except lilac color other natural shades – ochre, terracotta, honey, apricot and rose also are characteristic of the French country. In furniture and lamps lines of classicism, baroque and empire style are guessed, but it is obligatory with accent of country: graceful bends, use of the technology of aging and craquelures. The house in style of the French country is the embodiment of cosiness and rural charm. As decor shod candlesticks, lace tablecloths, various covers just for decoration with vegetable motives are used. By means of curtains the interior gets coquettish notes and ease. Walls have to be decorated with porcelain and faience plates with florid vegetable ornament or pastoral plots. Rooms in interior in style Provence light, filled with the southern sun, furniture most often shod or wooden, but not massive. In such house there is a wish to fall in reverie and to enjoy slowly present days.

Secrets of registration of interior in style of the Italian (Mediterranean) country

Italian the country is the embodiment of the Mediterranean climate. Interior in this style warm, cheerful and hospitable. Basic colors – olive, green and terracotta, but it is impossible to forget also about flowers of the sea and sky – blue and blue. Furniture in the Italian country is simple and executed in classical forms. It can be wattled or shod, but obligatory easy and air in appearance. Of the Mediterranean country it is characteristic lack of curtains at windows – it allows to admire the most beautiful landscapes. If it is impossible to do without curtains, then it is necessary to give preference to light and air fabrics of sea or solar flowers. It is easy to recreate the Mediterranean mood "sea" accessories – shells, corals, ceramics and beautiful stones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team