How to issue interior in style vintage (vintage style)

How to issue interior in style vintage (vintage style)

Initially French word vintage was called old wine which long time "ripened" in wine cellars. Later this term has strongly entered the sphere of mode and design. So began to call home decoration and clothes, worldly-wise. They have to be created not less, than 20-30 years ago, but at the same time should not look as stuff or second-hand articles, the place which on dump.

The vintage interior pacifies and gives cosiness. It is filled with the ancient things storing history. Shabby furniture, ancient dolls and even the pig-iron iron – the integral attributes of style vintage. It is possible to look for ancient objects for interior diligently, and it is possible to use goods of those producers which under the influence of fashionable trends manufacture artificially made old goods with scrapes – on ware, furniture, accessories, materials for finishing.

Finishing of rooms in style vintage

First of all it is necessary to use natural materials of natural shades. The ceiling can be painted and if on it cracks appear, then it will only help, giving it old times raid. Floors can be laid out board or parquet. The covering can be old or artificially made old. The ancient ceramic tile will be suitable for the bathroom and kitchen. It is not necessary to overload interior. Bright bulky furniture and bright accessories will well look in the room with pastel walls. And if furniture of neutral and quiet colors, then wall-paper with gentle flower drawings or contrast and large ornament becomes contrast to it. Furniture in interior in style vintazhstil vintage allows to use furniture of different times. In the living room it will be fine to look soft sofa, table with patina traces, chairs with soft inserts and sideboard for knickknacks and beautiful ware. For the bedroom it is desirable to find massive wooden bed or openwork shod. Will find the place for itself and grandmother's dresser. Decor in vintage interyeretekstil – the main attribute of interior in style vintage: cloths, pillows, napkins, patterns. And still shabby books, ancient dolls, porcelain knickknacks, framework black-and-white photos will perfectly fit into interior. Mirrors and pictures have to be in heavy carved frames. Lighting in vintage interyeretorsher and lamps in lamp shades from fabric and the chandeliers decorated with suspenders from crystal. Candlesticks and candelabrums will perfectly add interior. Lighting has to be warm and creating the cozy and romantic atmosphere. Making out interior in style vintage, you remember moderation. The apartment or the house need be not to littered, and competently to combine ancient things with modern design.

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