How to issue interior of kitchen

How to issue interior of kitchen

The design of kitchen is not only its exterior, but also arrangement of all kitchen utensils and furniture on the most convenient locations for the hostess. The correct registration of space serves that cooking and cleaning would not be for it burden, and pleasant pastime. Furniture should be selected proceeding from its functionality, compactness, convenience and nice view.


1. The kitchen can be registered in one of four main styles. It is modernist style, country, hi-tech and classic style. If you believe that things have to be convenient, to serve long term, then modernist style is created especially for you. Furniture in this style is made in light and warm colors, it has no sharp angles therefore it is preferred by families in which small children grow.

2. Very cozy style – country. Furniture in this style is made of natural materials. Add such kitchen with decorative elements: curtains, cloth, doormats. Everything, as in the rural house.

3. Contrary to country, style hi-tech does not accept anything natural. Parent materials – plastic, glass and metal. The kitchen in this style is filled with the most modern equipment.

4. The classic style always is fashionable. It will harmoniously fit into any room. Furniture in this style is decorated with carved elements and other wooden jewelry.

5. If kitchen in your apartment small, then choose furniture of the small or average size. Put small sliding table which can be used when cooking and to hide when the space is necessary.

6. Have furniture so that the continuous line cabinet-washing-table-plate has turned out. Incorrectly located, furniture will take away too much time and forces when cooking.

7. In small kitchen arrange furniture along one wall. If your kitchen is more spacious, then it is possible to place it corner and along opposite walls. Arrangement of furniture letter P will be suitable for spacious rooms. Remarkable option for the large room - the kitchen-island.

8. Visually it is possible to broaden the room, having painted walls in light shades: beige, gentle-green, beige, gray-blue. If to paint one of walls more saturated tone, then the effect of the fact that walls are further, than actually will be gained.

9. If you eat food in kitchen, then try to issue it in red or orange tones. These colors enhance appetite and promote the best digestion of food. Very elegantly the kitchen painted in bright natural colors looks: yellow, turquoise, blue, terracotta. In combination with white household appliances these colors will look remarkably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team