How to issue interior of the bathroom combined with toilet

How to issue interior of the bathroom combined with toilet

The combined bathroom demands special approach to questions of finishing. In this room each part has to be thought over, and it has to seem to harmonious whole.

The bathroom combined with toilet - destiny of some apartments. However, some people consider such location extremely convenient and even get permission to re-planning to unite rooms. Thus it turns out to release several square meters which, undoubtedly, will be useful in the bathroom, for example, to transfer the washing machine from kitchen or to establish cabinet for household chemicals and cosmetics which needs to be hidden from public eyes. Regardless of whether re-planning is carried out, or the room of the bathroom is designed combined in advance, it is necessary to belong to its finishing with special attention. It concerns not only selection of material for wall decoration, ceiling and floor, but also the choice of the suitable design concept.

What to begin with?

Repair is in principle the difficult procedure and if business concerns also bathroom, then the nonprofessional person in this sphere is capable to be horrified by the prospects opening before it. What to begin repair of bathroom with:

  • At the initial stage the main thing is to make the competent project. Besides amount of necessary construction materials and the technical equipment, it surely has to contain the sketch of the ready room. It is possible to draw future bathroom by hand. For this purpose there are several special design programs. By means of 3D visualization it will be simpler to you to decide on exterior, color gamma and arrangement of furniture.
  • After the project is ready, it is important to coordinate with commissions of experts any changes, whether it be demolition of wall between the bathroom and toilet or on the contrary installation of any additional partitions in the combined room.
  • After that it will be necessary only to perform re-planning, preparatory and draft work and to start decorative finishing of the combined bathroom.

If you have no certain skills and knowledge in the field of repair, get support of experts or employ professional crew.

Councils for economy of the place

Any interior, even that which concept is developed by the experienced designer will look modestly if competently not to organize space. The bathroom which is cluttered up with furniture has to remain in the past. There are several useful tips which will help you to save the place in this room and to arrange it with taste:

  • The washing machine if it is going to be placed in bathroom, can be installed under sink. Not to break harmony of interior, it can be hidden from public eyes curbstone.
  • For those who not too like to take bath, being limited to shower procedures, acquisition of cabin will become great way of economy of the place. Shower with direct or angular placement will allow to save space.
  • Curbstones and shelves for cosmetics, hygienic accessories and means of household chemicals will hide everything that should not be in sight from public eyes. Especially for these objects, to be exact, for their storage it is possible to get high angular case.
  • Visually installation of mirrors will help to increase bathroom space. Of course, you should not make out all room mirror panels. But if to hang up them the friend opposite to the friend, then the result will pleasantly surprise you.

For registration of the combined bathroom it is possible to use various design receptions we will consider the most popular of them.

Small partition

If to establish toilet bowl at the entrance to the bathroom and to fence off it partition which in length will reach only door opening then of feeling of bulkiness in this room will not arise, but the personal space will be kept. The combined bathroom in the apartment where there live several people - it is not always convenient. The partition can be made monolithic or to build from gypsum cardboard. The last option is good the fact that such design will cost real kopeks, but at due finishing will look quite naturally. At anybody and in thoughts will not arise that it is false-wall.

Light top, bright bottom

This reception is used long ago. The upper part of walls of joint bathroom is trimmed with tile of light shades, and lower - bright or dark tile. It becomes not only for the purpose of purity targeting process simplification. Stains and pollution on dark surface rush eyes less, will not argue with it. But such design decision helps also to expand visually space and to make interior interesting. The main thing is to pick up combination of flowers correctly. They can be gradient, smoothly passing each other, or contrast.

Natural lighting

If the combined bathroom is located in the house, but not in the apartment, even at its planning it is necessary to consider option with window. Inhabitants of apartments have got used that this deaf room with electric light. In country house the window will play key role in registration of bathroom. Even the room, small on the area, will look spacious. Natural lighting will give to bathroom special charm. This option will be ideal for registration of rooms in modernist style or Provence.


This direction by right is considered one of the most fashionable. It is ideal for the combined bathroom as assumes use of light tones and natural materials. As a result of such finishing the room looks visually expanded.

Neoclassics is soft junctions or indistinct texture. The excellent option for registration of the combined bathroom is marble or its imitation. In order that the interior issued in such style did not look boringly, it can be added with moderate and bright accessories, for example, in combination with beige finishing of walls and floor the turquoise blind and rugs at the bathroom and toilet bowl will ideally look. Part of wall with which the bathtub is placed can be trimmed with plates several tones more dark. It is also possible to arrive also with the partition separating toilet bowl from other space of bathroom.

Floor in the combined bathroom in neoclassic style it is possible to make light or contrast. It will be interesting to look black marble with stains in combination with light walls in beige, gray or white tones.


This reception will allow to focus attention that the combined bathroom performs two different functions. The interesting design decision can be realized in different ways, for example, having finished part of wall with which the toilet bowl, is placed by tile or plastic panels of other shade. It is possible to give the contrast solution of black and white tones as example. All room of bathroom is revetted with white tile, and for finishing of floor black porcelain tile is used. The zone, where the toilet bowl is placed, is trimmed exactly the opposite - black wall and white floor. As well as in case with neoclassics, competently it is possible to beat such room bright accessories.

Special attention to parts

If you have decided to issue the combined bathroom in uniform style, do not forget that the interior is not only walls, ceiling and floor, but also parts. Here several councils for the organization of convenient space in such plan:

  • Use the rule of outstretched arm. Shelves and holders have to be located so that with ease it was possible to reach them. It is not necessary to place the shelf with hooks for towels with entrance to the combined bathroom if the bathtub costs in its end. The same can be told also the shelf with cosmetic care means. Near at hand there has to be only the most necessary that there was no feeling of dirtiness.
  • In order that the interior looked harmoniously, it is necessary to choose accessories in uniform style. Moreover, they have to be combined with the general concept of the room. So, for example, soap trays, supports for toothbrushes, holders have to be suitable for toilet paper and the brush to each other. It is better to buy them by uniform set.
  • Blinds for the bathroom, textiles (dressing gowns and towels) and other trifles in the form of sponges and basts have to be combined with each other. Otherwise you risk to spoil interior, having deprived of it presentableness. As a result the typical Soviet bathroom in which lies will turn out and everything that managed to be got hardly in the conditions of deficiency hangs.

The bathroom combined with toilet has to be not only stylish and presentable. This room is used for rest and relaxation, it is also not necessary to forget about it, dealing with finishing issues.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team