How to issue plants of the place of burials

How to issue plants of the place of burials

The culture of worthy registration of places of burial with use of high-ornamental living plants has been at one time almost lost at us. The abundance of artificial flowers, bouquets, wreaths, compositions was considered as the most acceptable option. Now dressing of graves lively colors, one - and perennials, ornamental shrubs, coniferous high-quality cultures gains ground. Beautifully issued place of burial is tribute to the memory and respect to left. Orthodox (and any other) the church does not accept artificial flowers neither in temples, nor at cemeteries.

It is necessary to select plants for disembarkation to grave taking into account that how often you will be able to visit her, looking after them. Some effective plants can keep the decorative effect only at regular waterings, removal of deflowered inflorescences, scrap, fertilizing. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to what illumination in the place of disembarkation. The shaded places demand absolutely other selection of plants, than being under the sun all day. Some plant species demand additive in soil of fertile soil.

If you want to issue the dry solar site which is seldom visited it is the best of all to pick up unpretentious pochvopokrovny cultures, such as different types of sedums, kamnelomok. On such places will well grow wormwood (Schmidt, Louisiana, Stellera), carnation plumose, threshed, thrift seaside, arabis, euphorbia multiflowered and mirtolistny. From bushes will easily take root kizilnik horizontal, undersized and very effective grades of barberry (Aurea, Kobold, Greene Karpet), low spire (Golden Printsess, Gold Maund, Littl Printsess). Coniferous will well feel: pine mountain Gnome, Mini Pug, Mugus and also compact junipers Mas, Blu Star (creeping) and Skyroket (pyramidal), Tamaristsifoliya (subauriform). Use of the above-mentioned plants in group will be optimal variant.

For the low-lit crude site use the following plants: long-term, such as bergenia, periwinkle, akvilegiya, astilba, geykher, host; bushes, such as hydrangea, barberry (zelenolistny grades), kizilnik brilliant. From coniferous - dwarfish fir-trees (Glauka Globoza, Littl Ham). As bright addition it is possible to plant for the summer begonia tuberous and ever flowering, balsams, violets. If the site light is also possibility of care for it (watering, fertilizing), use of tiny and pochvopokrovny roses, geraniums, petunias, marigold will be good option. Gently and touchingly roses with lavender, sage, veronik look. Pochvopokrovny roses with coniferous are well combined (the above-mentioned grades). At fencings it is possible to plant clematises, one-year ipome. The combination of plants to borders from decorative stone, the platforms covered with granite or marble elimination is appropriate.

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