How to issue porch

How to issue porch

Well, who did not see on cloth of movie theater of the old man in rocking-chair sipping soda and blinking from pleasure. Legs under plaid, the sun warms and he sits on open verandah, such advanced porch. It is possible to paraphrase expression: "the theater begins with clothes" - the house from porch. It not only entrance to your intimate world, but also person, your dwelling. And beautiful it or not, depends on your internal attitude, and it is natural, knowledge of architecture and skills of construction.


1. You can make porch of any size. It can be small to stop and open door. Of course it is better if you construct terrace on which then place table, chairs and plants. Equip porch with lamps, cover floor with nonslipping material, you can even lay heat-insulated floor to ensure comfort and safety under any weather conditions.

2. What and where there will be entrance to the house, depends also on planning and structure of the building. Before building porch make site before outer door. Its surface has to be located above ground level, almost flush with half of the house. If the house has no high socle, then do low site. Let only slightly towers above the ground and smoothly turns into paving on the site. If socle high, steps, and protection are necessary. To lift heavy things, to deliver carriage with children make ramp. It is necessary and for physically disabled people.

3. Establish beautiful door in front access door. Decorate porch with columns, balustrades. Special chic to it will be given by shod handrail, marble steps, flower flowerpots, garden furniture on terrace, etc. Safely experiment with home decoration on terrace and porch parts, but do not forget about harmony and style.

4. Zone before outer door and ladder, protect from rain and snow not to slip. Make easy hood over entrance. Mount it on the wooden or metal brackets fixed in wall. In the house of modern style you can suspend on steel cables. Let the hood differ from roof of the house and there will be from metal, glasses, plasticity. Do canopy so that from it water freely flew down and snow out of borders of the platform descended. If hood of the big area, make to it support of columns. Also you remember - the style, material, form and color of hood have to correspond to construction. Your house has to have beautiful face.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team