How to issue the apartment in east style

How to issue the apartment in east style

The countries of the East are amazing in the variety, beginning from life and finishing with registration of the apartment. And, if not everyone is able to follow traditions, then to issue the apartment in east style it will turn out at any. How to make it?

General moments

Main issue in east style is that any subject of interior has to be the most convenient and beautiful. The room in east style is usually not encumbered with numerous furniture. As a rule, in the center establish sofa. It is covered with bright covers and covers. For this purpose most often use such materials as silk and satin.

Color of material usually very bright and saturated. For decoration of sofa numerous pillows of the different size from velvet material are used in large number. The pillows which are spread out directly on floor will look also organically. Before sofa the small table which in the Arab culture is intended for smoking of hookah is put.

Walls and ceiling

All walls and floor dim numerous bright carpets, pleasant. You should not forget also about ceiling. As well as all other elements of the room, ceiling in the Arab interior multi-colored. All speakers of beam you should not hide and bring ceiling to one level.

On the contrary, the acting beams will become the main decoration of ceiling. The main ceiling should be painted in one color, and all speakers of beam and other designs - to others. It is also possible to upholster ceiling with different bright fabrics.

Registration of lunch zone

The lunch zone consists of only one low table. It should be covered with cloth with beautiful ornament. Especially often here the yellow cloths which are associated with color of solar energy are used. As east style means luxury and wealth, the table is usually forced by numerous baskets, vases, bowls with gilding. They are filled with fruit and sweets in large number. As chairs soft padded stools are used.

Other elements of east interior

In the Arab interior numerous decorative products are very often used. It can be pictures on wall in gilded framework, figurines from ceramics and metal on open shelves, bright caskets and handmade chests. The chest decorated with saturated velvet fabrics with golden ornament will become the convenient location for storage of the things and jewelry inherent in the East and also some of bright elements indoors.

For creation of east mood of the room it is necessary to use the muffled light: it can be the desk lamps decorated with sconce ornament on walls, the floor lamps established directly on floor. It is possible to decorate them by means of beautiful fabrics and tapes.

Curtains usually sew from heavy fabrics that in hot day there was possibility of protection against bright sunlight. Such fabrics penetrated by gold threads will give to the room fascinating look.

All elements of interior - pillows, curtains, chests, decorate with beads, tapes, brushes, rhinestones. Special east mood will be created by the numerous candles placed in different places in expensive candlesticks with gilded legs.

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