How to issue the electric power

How to issue the electric power

Independent connection to the central current networks is strictly forbidden. Before connecting the building to supply of electricity, it is necessary to process package of the allowing documents and coordination. It becomes not quickly. Therefore plan connection in advance, at least in two months prior to the term demanded to you.

It is required to you

  • - passport
  • - statement
  • - the title document for the building (if there is no building, then on the parcel)
  • - technical documentation
  • - the project agreed with suppliers
  • - the contract for connection with the licensed organization
  • - counter
  • - cable
  • - gofroshlang
  • - act of commissioning
  • - contract on electrical supply
  • - additional documents can be required


1. The first that needs to be made at execution of the package of documents is to order in the organization delivering the electric power drawing up the document on connection specifications with the indication of the power demanded to you. Power pays off depending on what devices you will connect and what quantity of the electric power to consume and pay. For owner-occupied dwelling there are usually enough 5 kW, but if you are going to perform any works, for example, to connect constantly circular saw, woodworking machine or electric saw, then you can specify big power. The document on specifications is made within from 1 to 2 months depending on the organization of suppliers.

2. The next stage make development of the project of connection. It needs to be ordered in the organization of construction electricians which has the license for drawing up these projects and connection of subscribers to the central power line. Better on connection and connection to issue the contract with the same organization. They will provide all necessary equipment, will calculate the section of cable and will make connection according to all rules, requirements and standards of connection.

3. Directly connection can be made only after receiving and signing of the document on specifications and drawing up the project agreed with suppliers.

4. Having connected power supply to the building, at once install the electric meter according to rules of installation. The metering device has to have the certificate of conformity with permission of use in the territory of the Russian Federation.

5. At once invite controllers from the organization delivering the electric power. They will draw up the statement of input of the counter in operation, will seal the counter.

6. The final stage is execution of the contract in subscriber department for electrical supply and signing by its both parties.

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