How to issue the front garden

How to issue the front garden

The well-groomed front garden – indispensable component of the cozy house which not only the owner and his friends, but also passersby can evaluate. Secret of the correct arrangement of the front garden in combination of functionality, convenience and beauty which will help to create harmonious natural zone.


1. Plan the site. The front garden – the hallmark of the house which in many respects defines the first impression about it. However ceremonial zone only part of garden. Plan the front garden so that it included recreation area, the road which conducts to outer door and the place for garbage cans. Around the house the green hedge can replace normal fence.

2. Pick up plants for garden. Think over as it will look in the spring, in the summer and in the fall and plant plants which blossom at different times years, constantly changing exterior of the house. For spring narcissuses, lilies of the valley, violets and peonies will approach. Phloxes, nasturtium, hand bells, hollyhock, daylilies belong to letnetsvetushchy plants. In the fall asters, hydrangeas, geleniuma, ingates can decorate the front garden. Do not plant plants which will grow too high and will block passes. Climbers will be suitable for small spaces: clematis, lianas, bindweed, sweet pea, gorlyanka. In several years they will turn boring facade of the house into picturesque wall of greens.

3. Equip path. With attention treat question of the choice of covering which should not be bumpy or slippery. The brick, stone blocks, stone tile or granite crumb belong to the materials combining functionality and esthetics. For the front gardens broken on uneven sites provide steps which are better for distributing on all length of slope.

4. Find the place for garbage cans. Placed in sight, they can spoil idyllic shape of green garden therefore it is better to establish them in the depth of the front garden. At the same time tanks have to be easily available, freely move forward and move. To cope with problem, use various screens. It can be not too high wooden fencing painted in bright color, the galvanized metal grid or wooden levels twined creeping plants. If the size of the site does not allow to hide garbage cans from foreign look, choose decorative models which can serve as art object in garden. Special cabinets for tanks can become the decision also.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team