How to issue the hall, options

How to issue the hall, options

In spite of the fact that the hall not such popular place in the apartment as the bedroom or kitchen, it after all is the important room in the house. The small and conspirational hall not only deprives of comfort of residents, but also can have negative impact on the general impression of guests about the house. If such problem is, means time to re-plan and change its appearance has come.


1. First of all it is necessary to work over space. If the hall small, then it is necessary to try it to increase, at least visually. Will help to add light and space big mirror from ceiling to floor, the light ceiling and walls painted in light tone. Choosing wall-paper for walls, it is necessary to consider that the large drawing visually increases space between walls, and small, on the contrary, reduces.

2. As in halls usually there are no windows, it is necessary to think over quality of lighting. But you should not hang up huge gilded chandelier with set of bulbs at once. It not only will not decorate exterior, but also will visually reduce space. Much better the halogen bulbs located on ceiling or along walls will be suitable for lighting of the hall.

3. As for furniture of the hall, here, in the aspiration to catch there is more space, it is necessary to find "golden mean". It is not necessary to take out all furniture from the hall, but also you should not encumber it with unnecessary cabinets and curbstones. Before arrangement of the hall it is necessary to decide on that minimum of furniture which is really vital. It can be the small console, hanger, the small fitted cupboard and regiments for footwear and accessories. Generally, the minimum set of furniture depends on individual needs of family. The main thing here – that the hall has not been filled up with furniture, encumbering space, but also was not empty.

4. One of the most interesting projects of design is the equipment of door opening in the form of arch and also special modules with shelves which favourably emphasize originality and style of the hall. The most important that after the updating, the hall gave joy and comfort to residents, harmoniously fitted into interior of all apartment and was the fine hallmark of all house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team