How to issue the one-room apartment

How to issue the one-room apartment

It is the best of all to issue the one-room apartment in one style. Many do studio of all area, removing all walls and connecting kitchen and the room. It is quite complex work to which resort in exceptional cases.


1. Beautifully to issue the one-room apartment it is necessary to adhere to the principle of minimalism. At first separate the apartment into zones, allocate berth, work area and the vacation spot.

2. In corridor put furniture minimum, establish chair or padded stool on which it is convenient to put on footwear at wall better, and from above hang up hanger for outerwear. Here attach shelf for headdresses and to steam of hooks for umbrellas. Attach mirror on opposite wall. It can be any size.

3. False ceilings in such apartments can only be used in case floor-to-ceiling height allows. Otherwise proportions of the apartment will be distorted. Make floor in corridor of laminate of light tones, it will visually increase space.

4. You can log in to the room in the form of arch. If you establish doors - choose door panels with the built-in glass, then will seem outside that the room is more. Wall-paper can be not glued, it is enough to paint walls light tone, you can combine various shades.

5. Choose furniture with various functions, for example, the fitted cupboard with folding bed or transforming chair. Hang up the TV on wall by means of special fixing parts. You can establish sliding wardrobe across wall, thereby having allocated separate zone, for example, for children. Do not buy bulky furniture and do not put it in the middle of the room.

6. You will be able easily to separate the room into separate zones and by means of podium. You can build in drawers it, and from above put sofa or table with chair.

7. On windows hang up curtains of light tones, use drapery. Avoid large number of houseplants and furniture. You can hang up bookshelves instead of universal cabinets walls and arrange on them necessary trifles.

8. The one-room apartment it is impossible to encumber and decorate in dark tone. You can make re-planning and unite kitchen with the room, in that case separate dining room zone from the living room by means of bar counter. In this case it is necessary to get the corresponding permission.

9. Put balcony door from glass, then in the room there will be more light and it will be visually wider. All furniture have on perimeter of the room and establish according to the destination so that the berth was not near children's zone, and sofas and chairs were at some distance from computer table.

10. The interior of the one-room apartment should be selected according to the number of family members, their age and interests. If you have small children, establish the playground, you can use ladder or horizontal bar. It is good to elderly people to put in front of the TV chairs and padded stools for legs which are convenient for pushing under seats.

11. In case of re-planning refuse bright tones of complete kitchen. It has to be in harmony with surrounding furniture and fit into interior. Order or buy ready kitchen of light pastel tones. As table you can use lunch zone with glass covering from above, it is good if you buy sliding table.

12. You can use light both central, and dot. Near chairs establish floor lamp or put the lamp on coffee table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team