How to issue the road to the house

How to issue the road to the house

The road conducting to the house has to be rather wide, convenient and suitable for operation in any weather. However at the same time it is important to make it beautiful and combined on style with the building, adjacent constructions, lawn, flower beds and garden. For this purpose it is not obligatory to involve designers – correctly to issue path it is possible independently.


1. The path has to be laid on rigid base. Mix of cement, sand and fine gravel is most often used. Remove upper part of soil, lay out the prepared mix and stack stones, plates or bricks. Well stamp them sledge hammer and the vibrator sealant, fill up with sand and rub it in slot between paving elements.

2. For registration of path choose the material suitable to the general style of the house. It is convenient to pave the big areas rectangular concrete slabs of different thickness. Plates with impressive surface – the imitating natural stones, bricks or gravel will be suitable for country house.

3. The interesting idea – vykladyvaniye of access path bricks or brick stone. Choose only the bricks suitable for paving – many types of construction brick badly transfer continuous soaking and freezing, crumble and collapse. The brick stone which has undergone roasting process is resistant to any temperature differences. They can pave not only path, but also the territory around the house and aula, having created uniform ensemble.

4. That the direct road approach did not look boringly, combine materials for paving. For example, having laid out the road concrete slabs, issue them at the edges gravel strips. It is possible to alternate the ranks of gravel laid on cement to plates, creating effective "striped" pattern of path. Select stones for color, then they will look successful addition, but not random element.

5. Very beautifully the path which is laid out by small stones and pebble looks. From such stones it is possible to create the whole mosaic panels, stacking them on cement pillow. Process will take a lot of time, but the path will turn out not only effective, but also durable. Certain sites if necessary can be restored easily without dismantling of all cloth.

6. The side stretches of road adjoining lawn can be issued border, sustained in the general style. The simplest option is to lay out border from bricks. They can be established on one side, at face, at an angle in 45 degrees. The same brick issue beds and jobs.

7. Try to frame the road with green hedge. Land lilac, dogrose, acacia or other decoratively deciduous and krasivotsvetushchy plants. At annual cutting they will look very effectively. The green hedge is well combined with any types of paving, however it is suitable for avenues more, but not for road approaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team